Remove the boundry of love

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Get embedded fur out

Three levels of edges correspond to three different cleaning modes, making it easy and fast to get embedded fur out of couch, carpet, bed

Must-have for pet lovers

Works well on cleaning hair from dogs like Huskies, Akita, Retriever, Labs, Corgis, Great Danes, and Mutts & kitty cats and other pets.send it as a gift to your friends who have pets but tired of pet hair removal at home or on the car seat. Let Analan remove the boundary of love and you can simply enjoy the time with furry friends!

Comfortable in hand

A unique ergonomic grip design of the pet hair remover brush can help you remove pet hair from different angles without cramming your hands. Briskly sweep and drag pet hair into a pile, then vacuum it all.

Affordable and lightweight

Blades are durable and replaceable with a hanging hook and two chains, making it easier to store.